Creating a Thriving Youtube Community​

GOTO Conference is a tech education company based in Denmark, run by developers, for developers. 



The firm runs a series of software development conferences focused on gathering the best minds in the software community to bring the most interesting topics to light. ​

​In addition to multi-day events in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Chicago, GOTO has quickly responded to the Covid-19 crisis, developing more video content and offering top-notch online events. AAD has historically collaborated with GOTO to boost event ticket sales online.


We adjusted to the new normal by partnering with the client to create a robust YouTube strategy to capture more video views, engagement and subscribers on their channel– a key pillar to staying top-of-mind and assisting the dev community with quality content. ​

​GOTO needed to reach a very specific tech audience in YouTube, so we tested two different user targeting strategies in video campaigns: Discovery & in-Stream, using only the most relevant videos to capture users’ attention and inviting them to subscribe. Our optimisation approach focused on continual video rotation based on audience profiling and campaign metrics.​



Views Generated​



Number of subscribers directly attributed to the campaigns​


Monthly subscribers above monthly organic average ​

YT Channel Subscriber Growth​

“I have worked with All Around for years now, in several different companies. In each instance, they’ve provided the expertise, auxiliary support and reactivity that a fast-paced start up or tech company requires.
I would not hesitate recommending All Around to anyone looking for a trusted online marketing partner.”

Sarah Bovagnet Head of Marketing, GOTO Conference

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Creating a Thriving Youtube Community​


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