Our Environmental Policy

Climate and Ecological Crisis Impact

The IPCC’s (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) sixth report published by a panel of experts in 2021, has determined that human activity is directly responsible for the accelerated warming of the earth’s atmosphere, ocean and land. At the current rate, global warming is expected to reach 1.5°C by 2030, causing irreparable damage to the planet.

Only immediate action and a rapid reduction in CO2 emissions can cushion the damage. The solution to the greatest challenge the planet has ever seen is also in our hands as companies.

We must act now to avoid a climate catastrophe and we want to be part of the solution:

  • By getting involved as a company and as professionals in daily actions that reduce our direct and indirect ecological impact.
  • By promoting environmental awareness at work, contributing to the formation of a critical mass in favor of climate action.

All Around’s commitment to climate action

At All Around we have been working remotely since 2016 and our team, strives to develop sustainable business activity that contribute to the fight against climate change. Our environmental policy centers on reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and is based on the following principles:

Minimize business travel and face-to-face meetings with clients.

Our collaboration with clients and partners is always online rather than in-person meetings. We have found that this online communication model does not hinder client results and in fact is effective in meeting and exceeding business objectives.

Minimize travel and face-to-face meetings with the All Around team.

Our team maintains fluid and daily communication. We meet twice a year for teambuilding purposes, and we travel using collective transport to reduce the ecological impact of these events. In addition, the activities programmed during these events are vetted for low-carbon emission.

Consume products and technology responsibly.

Our entire operation is digital and allows us to perform our work in a professional and sustainable manner. We do not use resources such as office supplies or promotional products that are forgotten and we continually strive to make rational use of technology.

Support an ecologically sound project yearly.

Every year, we lend support to a project centered on the environment and / or the well-being of people, animals and our planet.

Taking social action since 2018


Donation to the Agua de Coco Foundation. This covered schooling and related needs for a year for 10 school-aged girls in Madagascar and Cambodia.


Bosquia is a collective reforestation service and by collaborating with them, we planted an endemic forest on behalf of our customers and employees in Llanes (Asturias).


During the year of the pandemic’s greatest impact in Spain, we collaborated with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks with a donation equivalent to 1,132 kilos of basic foodstuffs.


Our contribution to the El Paraíso del Burro donkey sanctuary in Parres, Asturias has helped them carry out important renovations to their stables and other maintenance tasks that benefit the resident animals.


Sponsorship of an apiary on behalf of our customers through the NGO Ecocolmena, which regenerates habitats for bees and wild pollinators.


A special collaboration with WWF Spain to adopt a sea turtle to help protect turtle habitats and fund other vital WWF preposition around the world.

Our Carbon Footprint

Target 2024

For the past four years, we have offered employees a hybrid work option. This was an office we maintained for staff who wanted to combine their remote schedule with one or two days of in-person work. 

However, over time we have discovered that our remote work model is highly effective for team members; people like it!

As of November 2022, we became 100% remote-only and we use coworking spaces (that are environmentally responsible) on a case-by-case basis, in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.