Reducing Lead Costs with Smart Bidding

Bupa Global are providers of premium international health insurance, with over 70 years of experience, Bupa Global is one of the most trusted names in medical care.


For over five years, the firm has been running Health Insurance campaigns in LATAM, employing a variety of digital optimisation techniques but wanted to explore new techniques to streamline their program, striving for more efficiencies and better results.​


After taking over the campaigns, All Around focused on audience-centric target optimisation and Machine Learning to further reduce the cost per lead (CPL) without losing volume or lead quality.​

By working closely with the client and the Google Account Management team, we set the Smart Bidding IA algorithm in a first stage to reduce CPLs. ​

Then we expanded the optimisation process and adjusted strategies until automating bidding had been applied to all campaigns.



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“Smart bidding on Google Ads provides us with an important opportunity to leverage the benefits of Google’s Machine Learning so that our digital acquisition team and All Around can fully focus on the more strategic aspects of selling online and growing our program.” ​

Frank Rivera Head of Digital Growth, Bupa Global LATAM

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Reducing Lead Costs with Smart Bidding


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