Offer your users a fully tailored experience from ad to website visit

Personalization is a powerful tool in digital marketing with a significant positive impact on advertising campaign results. What is the secret to successful personalization? Simply put, it should be executed in an attractive and authentic manner, with your customers at the center. For this reason, it pays to take time to study your customers, their wants and needs.

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One-on-one personalization boosts conversion and customer loyalty

Your personalized digital strategy, step by step

First, it is important to identify your target audience. To do this, we use all the information available through web analytics and real consumer profiles and combine it with additional research and inputs. This allows us to determine your buyer personas, fictitious representations of your ideal customer.

Key data such as behavior, geolocation, socio-demographic data, and specific interests are essential to establishing an instant connection. Once these profiles are defined, the personalization strategy gets underway:

  • To capture your targets’ attention, we plan tactics tailored to each type of potential customer: from the most basic segmentation at campaign level to the actual design, tone of voice and message of your ads.
  • Next, we design a unique experience within the landing page: using personalization tools such as Google Optimise, we identify the user’s profile visiting the site and dynamically display content focused on their interests.
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Some of our personalization services:

  • User surveys
  • Analysis and buyer persona creation
  • Digital audience planning
  • Creative personalization
  • Messaging personalization
  • Web content personalization

Specialists in connecting uniquely with users

At All Around, we craft digital strategies that are 100% integrated with your potential customers’ profiles, so that you are always present when and where the user needs you.

We ensure that the user’s experience with your brand is seamless, from the first contact with your ad to arriving on the website.

Our multichannel experts translate the data that defines your target into effective communication and visuals that will convert users into customers and, more importantly, build customer loyalty.

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Clients around the world

Our international, flexible and collaborative approach works. Here are some clients who have entrusted us with their digital growth and design projects.