Launching a Traditional Retailer Online

Fliesendo is the online brand of a leading tile retailer in central Germany.



The Amazon Market Place was chosen as the evident platform for understanding demand for tiles online.​

Initial setup and optimisation of products by the client itself did not bring the expected sales and ROI – even with ad campaign support. That’s when All Around was brought in to assist.


An exhaustive user research and competitor benchmark fueled the overall go-to-market strategy on Amazon:​

  • Seller Central Optimisations​
  • Product Creation and Optimisation, incl. A+ Content​
  • Creation of a custom Amazon Store​
  • Sponsored Ad Campaigns creation and continuous optimisation and enhancements​



Avg. Yearly Revenue Growth​


Avg. Yearly ROAS Growth​

“All Around has shown us how to digitally transform our traditional business while optimising our resources. Together we’ve been able to increase visibility in search engines significantly and started to apply digital insights to attract more clients in our store.”

Gustl Leibfried Managing Director, Fliesendo

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Launching a Traditional Retailer Online


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