Scaling European Ecommerce Growth

Europe’s leading wildlife care brand since 1987 with shops in 10 European countries and partnerships with Europe’s largest nature conservation charities.



Vivara specializes in designing and selling products to best suit birds and other wildlife.​

Vivara wanted to grow and unify their online retail presence, with local execution by native specialists.​


We started with: Data Unification to replace manual processes, save time and deliver insights.​

Deliverables included tag manager, and real-time marketing and ERP dashboards.​

​To increase sales we helped Vivara with Paid Search and Social Ads Management for Germany and Austria, expanding to include the Netherlands, France and Belgium.



Net Revenue​ Overall


Net Revenue Shopping Campaigns​



Services provided

“We are thrilled with the results we’ve had partnering with All​ Around. Not only have our Paid Media efforts been more successful​ and coordinated across multiple markets, but we’ve gotten a handle​ on all our online data properties and metrics. Now we can make​ e-commerce decisions with confidence.”

Bonimir Dolic Head of E-Commerce Europe, Vivara

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Scaling European Ecommerce Growth


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