Why is Digital Analytics crucial for your eCommerce?

Digital Analytics as a basis for understanding your business

Most online businesses use at least one web analytics tool. Currently, Google Analytics is the clear (and free!) leader in digital data analysis.

Maybe you run an online business and don’t yet use an analytics platform. If so, you’re missing out on valuable information that could help you improve your online presence and increase your website’s performance! In this article, we’ll detail why a web analytics tool is key to your business’ online success.

Have business goals? Measure them!

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your digital strategy, you’ve detailed your objectives, now it’s time to analyze what is going on right now. Whether your goals are online sales, lead generation or site visits, a web analytics tool will give you real-time data about what is happening on your website.

With Google Analytics, you can set specific goals, monitor whether you achieve these, and even more importantly, know how you achieved them (or how far you fell short). You will be able to see which campaigns or traffic sources were the most successful, which landing pages convert the best, which web pages generate the best traffic, etc

EThis is one of the clear advantages of digital over traditional business: you can measure almost everything. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Is your strategy producing results? If not, adapt!

Web Analytics provide great insights into what is happening on your website and whether your actions are yielding the expected results. Since you can track results in real time, it is easy for you to detect which actions are performing well, so you can focus or invest more in them. On the other hand, underperforming actions and tactics should be reviewed and modified. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the end of any specific time period to make modifications—you can adapt and adjust as you go.

This data is not only useful for your campaigns, but also for improving the website itself. For example, you will be able to detect if a page has a very high bounce rate and make changes so that it is more compelling to site visitors. You can also track the flow of visitors on your website, detect where these visitors are abandoning and work to improve the journey towards conversion.

Another important point is that web analytics also provide information about your visitors’ profile: age, gender, whether they use mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers, where they come from and many other details. Your digital customers may be different from who you think they are. Again, knowing all this will help you tailor your online business to offer visitors the best experience possible.

Need help designing your strategy? Web Analytics is your friend

What if your e-commerce site doesn’t have a clearly defined strategy? If you already have some website traffic data available, take a look at it. Such data will be very useful to define how you want to orient your sales strategy.

Assessing the impact of traffic sources on your website serves to guide your advertising spend approach and investment decisions: is it worth investing in social media, or should I just focus on email and affiliate marketing? Typically, companies use a combination of several paid channels, but knowing past conversion rates will make it easier to allocate future budgets.

What if you have identified an important referral website for your business? It’s probably worth contacting them to establish a closer collaboration that could benefit both companies.

Have you noticed that some of the pages on your website rank well in Google and convert traffic efficiently? It may be a sign that you should develop a content strategy based on what you have already published on those pages.

Have you detected visits from a specific country abroad? You can try to develop a particular market by creating a tailored version of your website: language, delivery options, specific products or events and other types of localization for customers in that location.

Developing a knowledge and understanding of your website traffic will certainly help you define and achieve your goals.

Web analytics tools are comprehensive and can help you manage a large amount of data. The key to efficiency is to accurately define the KPIs that are more important for your online business activity. If you are struggling with this task or you need help configuring your web analytics platform, don’t hesitate to contact us. At All Around, we are experts in analyzing and improving performance for websites and online businesses.

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