Increase your sales with Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

What are the Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

Sponsored products ads appear at the top of the search results pages in Amazon and in the products details pages too. They are not available for all products categories yet, but Amazon is always expanding this categories list. You can check the updated list here.
These ads aim to create brand awareness for your products and increase your sales on Amazon.

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Amazon sponsored product in search results page:

Amazon Products Results Ads

Amazon sponsored product in products detail page:

Amazon Products Ads

How do I create my Amazon Sponsored Products ads?

As an Amazon seller, you have two options to create your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads campaign:
Automatic targeting: Amazon will define which queries to associate your ad with, according to your product information. This is the quickest way to launch your campaigns as it saves you the work of defining your keywords but it means you have less control over them.
Manual targeting: You will define the targeted keywords for your ads. This allows you to have better control of where your ads will appear but you may also miss some sales opportunities with keywords you’ve not included.

What is the best strategy for your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

It is not always easy to guess how your potential customers search for your products on Amazon, and that’s why at All Around we recommend using both automatic and manual targeting to maximize your sales potential on Amazon.

  1. Start with automatic targeting campaigns
    Starting with automatic targeting campaigns will allow you to know which of your products sell more on Amazon. It will also let you know with which searches your products have been found in association with and which keywords they converted into sales. Thanks to these automatic campaigns, you can access the Search Terms Report which will allow you to analyze the keywords. Keywords analysis is crucial for your Amazon strategy.
  2. Analyze keyword performance
    In the Search Terms Reports, you will have access to keywords performance metrics: impressions, clicks, sales, etc. This will allow you to focus your financial investment on top-converting keywords and to discard other less relevant keywords. In this report, there is no association between metrics and products. Amazon removed this feature some time ago. That’s why we recommend you to create one ad group per product/SKU.
  3. Create your manual campaigns
    Once you have defined your top keywords, you should create an ad group for each of your products. This will allow you to have much better precision with your bid adjustments and keywords management. Of course, if you have few products on offer, it will be easier to create the corresponding ads groups than if you have a catalogue of 3000 SKUs. In the case of a large catalogue, the best way to manage your Amazon ad campaigns will be with the Excel document available in the “Bulk Operations for Sponsored Products” section.
  4. Choose your keyword match type
    Once you created your campaigns, you have to add the keywords you previously selected. Very similarly to Google Ads, you have the option to choose your keyword match types: broad match, phrase match or exact match. It is important to note that Amazon doesn’t allow you to change the match type of an existing keyword, but you can employ various match types for one single keyword.
  5. Define your bidding strategy
    To efficiently define your bids, you should take in account the margin you have on each product and the ROI you expect to get from this advertising investment. Once you’ve calculated these elements and get metrics from Amazon, it is easy to define the limit of your bidding for each product.
  6. Improve conversion with negative keywords
    In order to improve your Amazon ads investment and get the most out of your campaigns, you should add some negative keywords to your Sponsored Products campaigns. The automatic targeting campaigns surely highlight some keywords which don’t convert for you, and your first manual targeting campaigns reports will give you more insights into what keywords work and don’t work.

Amazon Sponsored products ads are a great way to create product awareness, reach your competitors potential customers and increase your sales on Amazon. It is a quite complete tool and so, you will need some time and expertise to get the most of it. At All Around, we would be happy to help you to set up or optimise your Amazon Ads campaigns. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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