New features and improvements in Google Ads for 2023: Here’s a recap

As we move forward in 2023, there are many exciting developments coming to Google Ads. Here are just a few of the new features that advertisers can look forward to in the coming months.  

Machine learning-powered creatives 

An important Google Ads development in 2023 will be the launch of new automatic creative options in Display driven by machine learning, especially in Performance Max. This technology will use advanced algorithms to automatically adjust creatives based on real-time data, helping advertisers get the most out of their campaigns. 

Google encourages video use in Responsive Display and Performance Max ads. Depending on the ad type, advertisers can submit up to 20 images that Google will rotate. Google will show combinations of text, images and videos for the best results. If we do not have a video to upload, the tool itself will create it automatically. 

Compelling videos are essential for campaigns on YouTube and with Google’s video partners. Google offers a simple template tool for creating videos. 

The end of keyword match types: one match to rule them all 

Since 2022, broad match keyword performance has improved considerably. With the change that came about by removing the delimiters (+), with just about any keyword ideas you want, Google will be showing your ads.  

As of today, there are broad, exact and phrase match keywords. In the case of exact match, the [-] is usually activated when there is an exact search for the keyword in question, while phrase match keywords must include that phrase, along with additional words. 

Focus on privacy 

In 2023, cookies will become a thing of the past. Or at least, that is what the expectation is. Targeting options will be limited to 1st party data, in other words: the information collected from users will be based on the advertiser’s own data, increasing the privacy of users’ browsing.  

Audiences similar to customer match lists and website-specific actions will continue to weigh heavily on privacy.  

On May 1, 2023, advertisers will no longer be able to use lookalike audiences. Customer Match can only be used within Smart Bidding for Shopping and Search campaigns.  

The recommendation is to enable “optimized targeting” so that Display campaigns use their own information for targeting and after a certain period of time the algorithm will use this segmentation to find potential customers and similar users. 

Enhancements to reporting and analysis tools 

In addition to these major updates, Google Ads will also be making a number of smaller improvements in 2023. These will include enhancements to reporting and analysis tools, making it easier for advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns and identify areas for improvement.  

Overall, 2023 is shaping up to be a good year for Google Ads, with a host of new features and improvements that will help advertisers get the most out of their campaigns. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of online advertising, there’s sure to be something in the new Google Ads updates that will benefit your business.  

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