Marketing trends for 2022

Into 2022 with yet another pandemic year behind us, we have put together a series of digital marketing trends that will likely continue to gain relevance during the rest of the year.

There are no one-size-fits-all answers in marketing, but spotting potential opportunities early is an advantage for any company. Because nothing lasts forever (and much less in digital marketing), if you want your business to move forward, it is a good idea to know where your consumers are and what they expect from you.

Make a purchase without ever leaving social media

We’ve read it time and time again: consumers increasingly rely on social media and these platforms are a part of our daily lives, a habit as familiar as shopping. And shopping within social media is increasingly the norm.

Social platforms like Pinterest already started testing shopping campaigns in 2020 and ramped up their offer in 2021. TikTok, a favorite among younger users, also reached an agreement with Shopify and now allows businesses to upload product catalogs within the application.  Now, TikTok has added new partners such as  Square and PrestaShop, while Wix, SHOPLINE, OpenCart and BASE are set to join soon as well.

And don’t forget Instagram! According to Facebook data, 70% of consumers turn to IG to discover new products. Buy on the spot, save for an item later and coming soon, a fully native shopping experience (still in beta). These are just few of the value-added ecommerce options retailers can benefit from on Instagram.

Reddit also offers interesting options for some advertisers, primarily due to its niche nature. Meanwhile, Whatsapp Business is becoming a marketplace as well, offering opportunities to buy and sell without ever leaving the platform.

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Incredibly, eMarketer forecasts that the retail social commerce sector will be worth $80 billion by 2025… in the US alone! This means increased campaign opportunities outside of the usual platforms we are accustomed to advertising on. If it fits your business type, it is probably time to start including new social channels in your digital media mix to stand out from the competition.

Audiences will keep gaining relevance

In 2021 we already saw initial limitations on third party cookies. This means first-party data is a priority for any business. Unfortunately, companies are not yet taking advantage of opportunities that all this free, first-party data offers. Correct measurement, good planning and appropriate data storage will become vital for companies in the near and mid-term.

It is also worth noting data protection is an issue that affects not only analytics and ad campaigns, but it also poses a challenge at the development level. When planning your website, think in advance about how to make the best use of information your own customers provide you with.

Virtual assistants: much more than FAQs

Chatbots and virtual assistants have been around for a long time, and while not new, they are being used to do more and more. Since quarantine, when online shopping orders multiplied, users have grown accustomed to using chatbots to resolve any number of questions or issues.

The benefits of a good virtual assist are myriad, but the true potential lies lead generation. Your chatbot can help you develop a fantastic database of users who have visited your website without taxing your resources.

If you’ve got a chatbot, you won’t want to waste this golden opportunity to collect great leads!

Transitioning from interactivity to virtual reality

Today web design offers sophisticated proposals for those who are not satisfied with a dull but functional web that does not stand out.

Interactive and visual effects are becoming increasingly advanced and promise to deliver a playful and delightful experience. This is what is known as Web 3 (meaning the third generation of Internet services) and applications include three-dimensional graphics and artificial intelligence. Bringing these websites to life without slowing loading times is one of the challenges developers face. (Google’s first-mobile indexing is also just as important).

For those who want to take it a step further, there are simulated 3D environments that envelope the user, allowing them to interact with objects and other people.

An example of this is the metaverse introduced by Facebook last year, something that other giants such as Google and Microsoft are also pursuing. A totally immersive digital world where everything takes place: remote work, leisure and, of course, shopping.

Will our future be as virtual as they say?

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At All Around we follow the latest trends in order to anticipate business’ needs and offer services tailored to each client. If you want to make the most of your online presence, we are here to help!



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Andreas is Managing Director at All Around. He worked for years in leading roles and international projects at WPP and Publicis Group agencies. He now leads a multi-disciplinary team of marketing consultants from different disciplines, backgrounds and countries who have joined forces to deliver international digital strategies and measurable results for our clients.