Flexible Structures in Consultancy: Agile by Nature

As a digital marketing agency, we operate in a field that is defined by rapid change and constantly developing new trends. When you take a look at today’s specialist media, the phrase “agile” appears strikingly often. In the future, the sector seems to be saying, it will be a hallmark of quality if an organisation benefits from agile structures and processes.

What exactly is behind the phenomenon of “agility?” In general, it refers to the minimisation of barriers and obstacles in our everyday working lives with the goal of being able to react more quickly and flexibly in response to specific developments. For us, as an agency, this is particularly important: a high degree of agility makes it possible for us to react even more specifically to our clients’ individual needs.

Ideally, agility can be demonstrated on two levels: on the leadership level, agile core behaviours reflect flat hierarchy, lean team and organisational structures in order to enable individual team members to fulfil their potential more effectively. This brings us neatly onto the second level: in the modern work world, workers in digital settings in particular value flexible working conditions and more self-determination, meaning that building an agile economy is crucial to employee retention.

Plenty of managers give in to the presumed pressure for greater agility and invest in more flexible structures as a way to be seen to be taking action. It is at least questionable as to whether (and to what extent, if any) these short-term measures pay off for their customers. This is because true agility is also expressed via a consistent philosophy of business and, correspondingly, “agility” is part of our DNA.

Alongside a core team of permanent employees, our international network of specialists enables us to put together an individual team for each customer project, adapted to the client’s individual needs and status. As such, our client’s country of origin is of no relevance. We are naturally global thinkers and have access to marketing expertise in all significant European and North American markets. We adopted this way of working from the very beginning, and we continue to do so.

The customer is at the heart of everything we do, alongside the desire to work with our customers to achieve their business goals. That is the only thing that counts. If, in doing so, we can act as an exemplary role model in terms of agility, then so much the better.



Managing Director

Andreas is Managing Director at All Around. He worked for years in leading roles and international projects at WPP and Publicis Group agencies. He now leads a multi-disciplinary team of marketing consultants from different disciplines, backgrounds and countries who have joined forces to deliver international digital strategies and measurable results for our clients.