2022 Christmas and Black Friday advertising trends for ecommerce brands 

The height of the online retail season is around the corner. If the biggest online shopping weekend broke all records in 2021 despite the pandemic, this year Black Friday and Christmas advertising for ecommerce brands is expected to see more cautious growth as consumers become more money conscious.  

The Adobe Digital Insights report “2022 Holiday Shopping Forecast” recently published estimates that this year’s online holiday-related spend will reach $209.7B, with data showing weaker seasonal sales growth at 2.5% YoY. Currently, Year-to-date growth is at 8% YoY for online retail. The rate of growth started strong in 2022, but the uncertain economic situation has led consumers to buck the trend as the Christmas and Black Friday marketing season approaches.  

When is Black Friday 2022? 

This year Black Friday 2022 is on Friday, 25 of November, and Cyber Monday is happening on Monday, the 28th of November. The busiest online shopping weekend of the year takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but its commercial value has spread the world over, resulting in significant earnings for online retailers across the globe.  

2022 Christmas and Black Friday marketing trends for ecommerce 

  • The earliest Christmas and Black Friday advertising campaign yet. We have already noticed an increase in brands’ activity with Christmas and Black Friday deals advertised in Meta and Google ads. Only in the past week, a solid two months ahead of Christmas holidays, active campaigns using the terms “Black Friday” and “Christmas” have increased significantly. 
  • Online sales will be spread over a longer period. If brands are starting off with Christmas and Black Friday campaigns earlier this year, online buyers are also doing their part by planning their shopping earlier and leveraging discounts ahead of the holiday season to maximize their money.   
  • Different spending patterns for shoppers. An unfavorable economic situation,  with ever-rising inflation, is propelling shoppers to take advantage of Black Friday deals like never before. Between reduced household spending capacity and the shadow of an economic slowdown, consumer spending will be impacted this holiday season, as customers opt for lower quantity and bigger discounts.  
  • Double-digit discounts from brands. Companies are looking to capitalize on online retail opportunities as soon as possible, with earlier discounts and intensive promotional marketing to nudge consumers towards purchase. Expect to see record discounts and prices slashed across all product categories.  
  • Seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Consumers’ shopping journeys will have both online and offline touchpoints: with buyers spending more time on multiple digital platforms before purchase. Brands that have orchestrated a seamless omnichannel shopping experience will have better odds on winning the holiday sales race.  

Meta Library Ads for Black Friday in US geo, first half of October 2022 

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