10 website design standard tips for your business (Infographic)

Always follow these web design guidelines to create accessible, interoperable and efficient websites to ensure accessibility and usability of your website.  

  1. Focus on your goals: What is your website trying to achieve: Supply information? Generate sales? Capture leads? Create a clear plan first and then move on to design and content.
  2. Keep it simple: Minimalism and no onsite distractions is the order of the day. Sometimes less is more, but not always. Keep in mind that it will also depend on your strategy and the user’s need for information to perform the action you outlined in your objectives. The aesthetics of the website will also have to align with your business’ image.
  3. User-focused design: Make sure everyone involved in the design process is thinking about the users, not their own design preferences. (This goes mainly for managers and their “dislikes”. You don’t have to like it, but it has to please and capture the user’s attention!)
  4. Pay attention to detail: Good copy sells and influences users. Pay attention to every word on your website.
  5. Use accesible web design: It is possible that some visitors to your website have specific needs (such as visual, hearing, motor or neurological limitations), so use accesible web standards
  6. Make navigation easy: Using standard structures ensures that your website has intuitive navigation. We also recommend omitting unnecessary steps, such as requesting the name in a login form and the password in another step. Combine unnecessary steps and save your users a few clicks whenever possible. It is important that links are recognizable and that there is good internal linking to make navigation between sections easy.
  7. Design for mobile devices first: A high percentage of users will stop visiting your website if the mobile experience is bad.

Source: Statista.

  1. Pay attention to user experience: Your customer’s onsite experience should be your top design priority, both on mobile and desktop devices.

At All Around we can help you create a website that meets and exceeds web design standards for a flawless web user experience! If you need a hand with web development or web design, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always design and develop your website following the standards set by the W3C. 

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