Digital activity audit

Do you already have a digital plan up and running? Our fine-tuned audit is the quickest way to figure out the current state of your online project.

Do you want to evaluate your efficacy and costs?

Many businesses already have a consolidated digital strategy and campaign plan in place, but they are not sure if everything is functioning as well as it should be. Would you like an expert, independent evaluation of your business’ or agency’s work?

Our team of digital marketing experts are available to evaluate your web, advertising campaigns and social media channels. We’ll prepare a deliverable for you that summarises your online presence, what can be improved and how. With a completely external and totally confidential perspective, we can offer you recommendations for optimising your campaigns, budgets and tactics.

This is an ideal solution if you are looking to evaluate your department, agency or collaborators in digital marketing so you can rest easy and focus on other things.

The digital audits our clients most frequently ask for are those focusing on their website (to detect possible SEO or UX areas of improvement), Google Adwords campaign audits (structure, spend and keywords) or a general analysis of their online presence (search engine rankings and social media profiles).

If you’d like to confirm that your business is getting the most out of its online initiatives, contact us.